SARH – Human Resources module provides several options to manage a company’s human capital, such as employee data, salaries,
vacations, training, and many others to ease the data management of the customer’s employees.


feature-gr-hr-0Employee File
  • Keeps personal information
  • Stores documents (CURP, RFC, ID, etc.)
  • Tracks employee movements (hiring/termination, department, salary, shift changes, and more)
  • Records family data
  • Consults and prints predefined/custom reports
  • Determines types of absenteeism (tardiness, medical leaves, vacations, etc.)
  • Maintains employee absenteeism history
  • Kardex: full absenteeism screen shot per employee
  • Statistical reports
  • Schedule individual/massive vacations
  • Holiday absenteeism projection
  • Vacation balance by employee, year,
    department, plant, and more
  • Determines salaries by multiple employee classes
  • Calculates individual/massive salary increases
  • Multiple salary reports with filter selection
  • Finiquito Simulator

Simplified data entry format produces multiple documents:

  • Contracts
  • Badges
  • Insurance
  • Delivered tools
feature-gr-hr-5Additional Modules
  • Cafeteria (consumption data, vendor reports)
  • Training (schedule training courses, generates
    DC-3 and DC-4 forms)
  • Medical (keeps employee visits records, generates statistics by diagnosis, department, and more)
  • Locker and Tools (keeps record of condition, costs, delivery of tools and lockers to employees)
  • Employment Termination Simulator (individual or collective: by supervisor, by department, shift, plant, etc.)
  • Employee Kiosk (vacations balances, consult and forward payroll receipts to a personal email [CFDI in XML & PDF], letter creator, savings fund balance, loans status)